• NKCUSA members receive the Chronicle, a quarterly, digital newsletter with educational content, photos, news and events, and member activities.

  • Assistance registering litters and your dog's health testing to ZooEasy and The Dutch Club Registry, which contributes to the quality of future breedings and health research for our breed worldwide.

  • Use of the NKCUSA member emblem for your personal website.

  • Access to online Current Member Roster

  • Regular Kooiker Kibbles email - filled with announcements from NKCUSA, AKC, and other related organizations.

  • You join a special community - where you can develop friendships with those that proudly share your passion for the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje.

Welcome! We're happy to have you join NKCUSA.

  • Memberships are valid for the club's official year: July 1 - June 30. Privileges and rights as a member commence 30 days after your application is published in our club's newsletter, The Chronicle, which is published four times a year. New members over 18 years of are are accepted as Associate Members with limited voting privileges for the first 6 months from the date they are recorded as a member of the club.

  • New Membership Applications received in the second half of the year pay half dues.

  • Information you give here will be included in our Current Member Roster and will be available for distribution to other members, unless otherwise requested by you.

KCUSA 501(3)(c) 

NKCUSA is the designated AKC Parent Breed Club for the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje.

Recognized January 1, 2018

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