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NKCUSA Versatility Awards

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to recognize

your accomplishments as a team!






If you have a Kooikerhondje working in performance events, you may be eligible for an award.  The following outlines the awards and requirements to receive these awards.

Versatility Award:

The Versatility Title Worksheet will help you tally up the points
for the titles received in each eligible venue. Dogs can receive
a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum award based on the point
level noted on the worksheet and the number of venues titled. (NOTE: Only Grand Champion in Conformation, OTCH,
ACH or MACH Champions are eligible for
Platinum Versatility awards.)

Points are earned for titles achieved for the life of the dog and
each award level may only be earned once for each dog. Only
one versatility award may be awarded each year per dog.
You must apply for the highest award the dog is eligible to
receive that year.


To Be Eligible:

  • All owners must be a current NKCUSA member in the year when the award is earned and at the time the award is presented.

  • Only AKC recognized titles are awarded.

Complete one NKCUSA Application for Versatility Award for each dog entry:

  • Effective June 1, 2016, the award year runs from January to December.  Points are earned for titles earned up to the deadline each year.   All applications must be received by NKCUSA at the address noted on the application no later than January 15.


Please plan to collect your award at the NKCUSA Annual Meeting.  If you are not able to attend, please arrange to have your award transported.   Your award can be shipped – but you incur additional costs and there will be potential delays.

All levels require points and a minimum number of different venues:

Current Versatility Levels:


Bronze           10-14 points and 3 different venues

Silver             15-20 points and 4 different venues

Gold               21-29 points and 6 different venues

Platinum       30 and over and 7 different venues
                       AND has Grand Champion, OTCH,
                       RACH, POC, PACH or MAC
H Championship

See worksheet below for Points and Venues:

Due January 15, 2024
Complete Online
Form (below)
or download form
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